Our Mission

The ability to supply our planet adequate quantities of nutritious and healthy food is fundamental to the survival of humanity. Elo’s team of creative minds is dedicated to improving human health and wellness through food by working across the value chain, integrating technologies and enabling resilient and sustainable food production systems.

Our Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Fayaz Khazi

Fayaz is a seasoned senior executive who brings over 15 years of experience in translational sciences to the role. Fayaz most recently served as the CEO of KeyGene USA, an agricultural biotechnology company where he was served as the business head for its operations in the Americas. Prior to KeyGene, Fayaz held various executive leadership roles at Intrexon Corporation, including serving as the VP of Business Analytics and Strategy during its successful IPO. Fayaz has a PhD in molecular genetics from Auburn University and trained as a HHMI post-doctoral scholar at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The University of Pennsylvania.
Vice President, Technology & Products

Alec Hayes

Prior to joining Elo, Alec served as a Technical Director at The Coca-Cola Company where his focus was on plant and agricultural innovation. In this position, he sought to advance consumer-relevant ingredients for beverages and to address agricultural supply chain challenges. Alec has also held technical leadership roles at PepsiCo and Altria. Alec earned his PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics from Virginia Tech and brings 20 years of industry experience in translational agriculture to the company.
Director, Translational Agriculture

Tengfang Huang

Prior to joining Precision, Tengfang served as a research scientist and project leader at KeyGene USA. Tengfang earned his Ph.D. in Plant Biology from Cornell University after graduating with a BS in Biological Sciences from Fudan University in Shanghai, China. His post-doctoral training at Boyce Thompson Institute focused on the genetics and molecular regulation of plant metabolism associated with plant nutritional values and stress tolerance.
Director, Scientific Operations

Matt DiLeo

Matt brings technical expertise in scientific operations and agricultural OMICS to Elo. Prior to Elo, Matt has held scientific leadership roles at Novozymes and KeyGene USA. Matt received his PhD in Plant Pathology from UC Davis and completed a postdoc at the Boyce Thompson Institute, where he studied the impact of silencing regulatory genes on the nutritional composition of the tomato fruit metabolome.
Resident Director, Elo Australia

Mario Pennisi

Mario Pennisi AM is the Resident Director of Elo Life Systems Australia Pty Ltd, and is responsible for the initiatives and strategic activities of the Australian subsidiary. He is an experienced executive with more than 35 years in the life sciences sector including as a National Business Development Manager for Australia’s largest provider of private healthcare services, and more recently as the Chief Executive Officer of a peak industry body advocating the key role that life sciences innovation plays in economic and social development. As well as serving as one of the Australian Delegates at successive B20 meetings since 2014, Mario also serves as a board member and strategic advisor for a number of entities.
Strategic Adviser

Jack Bobo

Jack is the CEO of Futurity. He previously served as the Chief Communications Officer and Senior Vice President for Global Policy and Government Affairs at Intrexon Corporation. Jack is a globally recognized thought leader on the future of food, the role of science and technology in sustainably and nutritiously feeding the world and how to build consumer trust. He received a J.D., an M.S. in Environmental Science, a B.A. in psychology and chemistry and a B.S. in biology from Indiana University.
Strategic Adviser

James Kirkwood

Jim is the former Chief Science and Technology Development Officer at General Mills where he led the Corporate R&D function in the development and/or acquisition of food product, processed, packaged and Health & Wellness technologies in support of all GMI business units. Previously he led R&D for the General Mills Snacks Division, driving growth through innovation in the Granola Bar, Salty Snack, Popcorn and Fruit Snacks categories. Jim has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.