Improving human
health and wellness
through food

Elo Life Systems is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Precision BioSciences Inc. (NASDAQ: DTIL)

Who We Are

The ability to supply our planet adequate quantities of nutritious and healthy food is fundamental to survival of humanity.

Elo’s team of creative minds is dedicated to improving human health and wellness through food by working across the value chain, integrating technologies and enabling efficient food production systems.

Our team is made of scientists dedicated to translational agriculture.

We thrive in utilization of cutting-edge technologies in multiple crops to solve problems in food and agriculture.  Every member of Team Elo is dedicated to the company’s mission and the impact we stand to make on the health and wellness of the planet and its people.

Meet Our Team

An integrated array of technologies and broad expertise is critical to effectively address the complexity in food and agriculture

We are invested in building an integrated ecosystem of tools and technologies that enable rapid innovation in a diverse array of crops

Elo’s Genome Optimization Platform

Multiscale Biology-based Discovery Tools
Elo’s Knowledge Management system is designed to supplement its internal datasets with any publicly available resource. We deploy machine learning algorithms to gain deeper insights into genomes, genes and traits of value. Through this unique relational database, Elo derives multiscale biology-based insights for both crop genome optimization and any genome of interest.
Precision Breeding Technologies
We use a suite of approaches to complement our proprietary and product-ready genome editing platform.Our approaches allow us to harness what biology has to offer for human benefit effectively and responsibly.
Multi-crop Transformation and Trait Validation
Team Elo is uniquely positioned to leverage its Precision Breeding Technologies in protoplasts, calli, microspores and meristems of a diverse list of crop plants to generate novel traits. Elo’s advanced growth chambers have the capability of simulating a plethora of growth environments to advance optimized crops into their environments of scale i.e. field, production greenhouses or vertical farms.

Problem Solving through an Integrated Approach

Healthy Foods

Our best-in-class crop improvement strategies and a creative business model catalyze adoption of novel crops and traits into the food, beverage and ingredient industries. As a result, consumers benefit from healthy, nutritious and sustainable options.

Responsible Agriculture

We couple our multi-scale biology workflow with precision breeding technologies to expedite novel trait development, resulting in value-added products that harness genetic diversity, and are safe and sustainable.

Sustainability and Global Citizenship

Through collaborative programs with governments, NGOs and the corporate sector, we champion pre-competitive research initiatives, open-innovation, and sustainable practices in the food and agriculture sectors.

Product Pipeline

Healthy sweeteners

 Elo is developing its ZeroMelon® brand of watermelon as a scalable natural, zero-calorie alternative to high fructose corn syrup and chemical sweeteners.  ZeroMelon® aims to offer healthful alternatives to the food and beverage industry while fostering sustainable production practices.

Heart healthy canola

Canola is one of the healthier cooking oils available in the market. Elo’s ZeroCanola program aims to make this healthy oil healthier by reducing the total saturated fatty acids to ultra low levels, without compromising the frying characteristics or flavor of the oil.

Saving the banana

The existence of banana, the world’s most favorite fruit, is threatened by a pathogenic fungus called Fusarium TR4 that is decimating plantations at pandemic proportions.  In partnership with the Dole Food Company, Elo is on its way to developing banana varieties which can resist this pathogen. More on this partnership here.

Climate-smart plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins are an underexplored resource available to humanity. Elo Life Systems-Australia is bridging the gaps between the demand and supply by developing climate-smart varieties of chickpeas and other protein crops in collaboration with industry and academic partners. More information on Elo’s collaboration with Queensland University of Technology is available here.

Sustainable inputs for the fragrance industry


Sclareol is a key specialty input used by the fragrance industry to manufacture a sustainable substitute for a waxy substance secreted by a small percentage of sperm whales called ambergris. Avoca® (a subsidiary of Ashland Corporation), one of the world’s primary manufacturers and suppliers of sclareol extracted from Clary Sage. Elo is partnered with Avoca® to enhance the levels of  scalreol accumulation in Clary Sage.  Details of the announcement are found here.



At Elo, our mission is too important for us to be distracted by life’s little problems. So we’ve developed a support system to keep us focused, energized, and at our best.

8 weeks of Paid Time Off
Monthly Company Breakfasts and Lunches
Fully Loaded Coffee, Snack, and Smoothie Bars
$75 Monthly Fitness Reimbursement and Onsite Gym
Stock Option Grants
Unwind Wednesdays
Two great locations to work: Durham, North Carolina and Brisbane, Australia
Tuition Reimbursement and Professional Development
100% Employer-Sponsored Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans
401k Plan with Company Match


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